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What is Electrical Inspection

What is Electrical Inspection?

CTRL Systems, Inc

CTRL airborne ultrasound solutions allow you to test your electrical system for ultrasound produced by arcing, tracking, or corona discharge. Our UL101 Electrical Inspector can help you prevent catastrophic electrical failures such: corona, an ionized electrical discharge, tracking, or the creation of a superficial electrical path, and arcing, a flame-like discharge of electrodes.

Ultrasound Electrical Systems Solutions

Airborne and structured-based (A&SB) ultrasound can be used to detect various electrical faults; including corona discharge, tracking, and arcing. The PowerBeam 300 parabolic accessory allows the technician to locate sources of ultrasound with pinpoint accuracy from distances up to 300 feet away. Additionally, use the InCTRL platform and InCTRL mobile app to record samples.  Also, store testing history and communicate faults through a management chain. Also, use InCTRL’s FFT spectral analysis feature to diagnose recorded samples for electrical failures.

Power Transmission and Distribution

Use the UL101 Electrical Inspector and PowerBeam 300 together to inspect medium and high voltage power lines, switchgear, and transformers. Inspection focuses the detection of corona, which is a symptom of two types of failures including material degradation and indeterminant by other technologies. The UL101 Electrical Inspector is very affordable and very effective in all types of environments for these tasks.


Corona discharge creates an electrical field and energy that accelerates aging and generates long-term damage on the insulators. It leads to unstable operation of the power system and corrodes the dielectric and metallic parts that come in contact.


Tracking occurs when the insulation becomes deteriorated by the corona. Superficial electrical path is where bi-dimensional electrical treeing is created. Electrical treeing originates at points where impurities, gas voids, mechanical defects, or conducting projections cause excessive electrical field stress within small regions of the dielectric.


Arcing occurs between two electrodes subjected to a potential differential are placed within a rarefied gaseous atmosphere, forming a flame-like discharge. If accidental, arcing can be very destructive in the case of piercing insulators or other electric elements.

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