Find Leaks Fast

The CTRL UL101 quickly locates compressed air leaks, gas leaks, and vacuum leaks. Save time and energy.


Easy to Use

The CTRL UL101 is extremely easy to operate. Simply aim the leak detector in the direction of the piping and adjust the sensitivity to pinpoint.


More Sensitive

The CTRL UL101 has the best signal-to-noise ratio and highest sensitivity in the market. Find all turbulent flow leaks.


UL101 Receiver with headset and Large concentrator for leak detection

Get started finding your leaks today.

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What our customers say about the UL101 Ultrasound Leak Detector:

  • "We needed the UL101 for our 2G areas, but because it was so easy, I stopped using my other detectors."
  • "I can carry it with me anywhere; it's so small."
  • "It works!"
  • "I love it. It's so much easier than our ..." $10,000 detector.
  • "The guesstimator for quantifying leaks was so wrong on our other ultrasonic leak detectors; we just can't see why you would continue to use anything but the UL101. It's so easy to find the leaks."