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The UL101 AOG Kit

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Easily locate air, vacuum, and steam leaks in a noisy environment. 

The UL101 is a passive ultrasound listening device that can be used to easily detect the ultrasound produced by  compressed air, vacuum, and steam leaks. It can also be used to listen to valves, steam traps, pumps, and motor bearings.

To locate airborne leaks, simply aim the UL101 in the direction of potential leaks and adjust the gain control to accurately pinpoint the location of any leak with a turbulent flow. The UL101's superior signal-to-noise capability (see below) means that even the smallest leaks will stand out with pinpoint clarity. 

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other sensors might miss.

The CTRL UL101 listening to a properly functioning steam trap.

CTRL sound.png

Competitive Sensors listening to the same trap at the same time.

comp1 sound.png
comp2 sound.png
comp3 sound.png


  • Compressed Gas Leak Detection

  • Vacuum Leak Detection

  • Steam Leak Detection & Steam Trap Inspection

  • Electrical Inspection (Partial Discharge Detection)

  • Valve Inspections

  • Hydraulic Lead Inspection

  • Precision Bearing Lubrication Inspections

  • Mechanical Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM)

UL101 Basic Kit

Key Features

  • Fixed Frequency

  • High Sensitivity to all turbulent flow air, gas, or vacuum leaks

  • Easily adjustable sensitivity and gain

  • Lightweight, one-handed operation

  • Converts ultrasound to easily recognizable audible sounds

  • Standard 9-Volt Battery means no waiting to recharge

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