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Ultrasonic Leak Detection 

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

CTRL Systems, Inc

Leak detection is the most common use of an ultrasound detector. Reducing compressed air leaks is useful in minimizing energy usage in manufacturing plants. This is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to lessen your industry’s carbon footprint. When there is a leak in equipment you lose about 25-30% of the compressed air. When you factor in artificial demand and inappropriate usage it goes up to 50%. With so much energy lost there is an increase of the industries carbon footprint. CTRL partners with compressed air energy experts to ensure measurable energy savings. One customer said “Our manufacturing clients can now experience energy savings unachievable with other tools currently in the market”. Energy savings have reached 48% and over 3.35 million kWh with the help of our customers.

Energy Savings

With savings in energy comes savings in money. Lack of leakage provides the client with more time for production. While using the UL 101 ultrasound equipment users found the cause of the issue within as little as one hour. This leaves the company time to focus on the tasks at hand and it cuts out the irritations and damage of leaks. Finding leaks in such a short amount of time saves time and money. CTRL works with industries all over the world and leaves its customers satisfied. One review stated “Now I’m a hero, saving the school money and aggravation”.

The UL 101 provides users with reduction in time and lessens the damage to equipment. With savings in both money and energy it is no wonder why Businesses all over the world choose CTRL systems, Inc.

About CTRL Systems

The difference between CTRL and the typical CBM product provider is the fact that we work with our customers after sales and training to ensure the continued use and success of ultrasound.

Our innovative sound solutions are the result of the relationships we develop with clients to address specific applicational needs.

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