Save Time Finding and Pinpointing Leaks with the UL101 Leak Detector Kit

Detect gas, air, steam, & vacuum leaks using all of the airborne accessory attachments available!

  • Detects Leaks Up To 150 Feet (50 m)

  • Pinpoints To Exact Location

  • More Sensitive Than Any Other Ultrasonic Leak Detector

  • Best Signal-To-Noise Ratio

  • Easy To Use

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Intrinsically Safe:

ANSI /UL 91 3-88, for DIVISION 1, CLASS I, Groups A, B, C and D, CLASS II , Groups E, F, G and CLASS III
It also complies with DIVISION 2, CLASS I, Groups A, B, C and D, CLASS II, Groups F, G, and CLASS III


Distance of Reception – up to 150 ft (50 m)
without PowerBeam 300 attachment
Threshold of Sensitivity – 0 dB SPL
Resonance Frequency – 40 kHz +/- 1 kHz
Operating Temperature –  -4° to +130° F
(-20° to +54° C)
Power Supply – standard 9 Volt battery
Battery Life – 45 continuous hours

Tested by NASA and Defense

Once introduced to the CTRL UL101, a review panel that included astronauts were impressed with the UL101's sensitivity, size, and ease of operation. The first UL101 was delivered to NASA in 2001. There are now two UL101's on the International Space Station, were standard equipment on all of the Space Shuttles, and are currently relied upon by all US and Ally Military Branches for mission critical non-destructive testing and leak detection.

UL101 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Equipment

System Designed For Multiple Applications

CTRL Systems, Inc. continues to invest in the research and development of ultrasound for leak detection and non-destructive testing. As a result, the UL101 Leak Detector Kit includes several attachments for leak detection in many different situations, including the following:

  • Airborne air/gas leak detection from long distances, pinpointing to exact location using concentrator and tip attachments
  • Airborne vacuum leak detection with increased sensitivity, using concentrator attachments
  • Detection of electrical arcing, tracking, and corona discharge - even with the electrical panel closed - using concentrator and acoustic extension probe attachments
  • Leak detection in rotating equipment, in ceilings or behind drywall with acoustic extension probes
  • Internal bypass leaks through valves and steam trap diagnostics using the 3-inch solid probe

GSA Contract #: GS-06F-0001 N
CTRL Cage Code: 62373

Still not sure how ultrasound works?

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