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The Solution is Here

The Solution is Here

CTRL Systems, Inc

CTRL Systems, Inc. helps organizations understand, integrate, and rely upon condition-based maintenance technology to make informed, critical business decisions. Our technology typically has ROI in the first use, but we work with our clients to measure and sustain the savings for years to come.

The Solution

Stores have had issues with leaks in their refrigerator units for a long time. There are several solutions to this problem. In this case, the store management has to decide which method is the quickest and most cost effective.

A recent article on hchrnews.com highlights this problem with refrigerant leaks in HVACR equipment. Leak locations have been identified in several areas. Areas including cases, fixtures, machine rooms, and condensers. One of the leading problems for end users is leaks on the display floor. The process for detecting and repairing the leaks on the display floor can take hours. Also, it may lead to removal of the unit from the floor.

The current method for leak detections outlines using a leak detector to find the general area. But, then using the soap and water method to pinpoint the leak. The article also includes several different detectors for the different applications on a refrigerator unit. This takes time and requires the technician to be knowledgeable about each piece of equipment.

Find leaks quickly and without scheduled downtime using the CTRL UL101 ultrasonic leak detector. Use this device for a general scan with the large concentrator, pinpointing the exact location of the leak with the small concentrator. Also, for both contact and electrical applications. The UL101 eliminates the need for the soapy water method and eliminates downtime for the unit. Once properly trained, a technician can distinguish between a refrigerant leak and a faulty motor bearing.

Success Story

One major grocer with over 1700 stores in the US and Canada has been using the UL101 for several years with great success. Multiple other grocery chains have benefited from our technology over the years. With CTRL’s technology, leaks can be identified and repairs verified much faster than traditional methods. Contact an ultrasound specialist to learn more about how we help with your needs.

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