About Us

CTRL Systems designs and delivers the
best ultrasound detectors in the world, but
we’re more than just an innovative tool
manufacturer. We are the ultrasound
experts, and we want to help your team
build and sustain a world-class ultrasound
program, specific to your organization’s


We're dedicated to our customers and sustained energy savings.

I tried every ultrasonic sensor on the market. Only the UL101 provided me with the sensitivity and design necessary to use.

Adria Machine

The Ford Chicago Assembly Plant has been using the detectors for years now and are very happy with its capabilities.

Ford Motors

The UL101 allows fast identification of the scope of problems to be corrected. Cuts troubleshooting labor by 50% to 75% compared to conventional methods.

Johnson Controls

We received the unit Friday morning and within 20 minutes found a loose bolt in one flange...that was leaking and we were not able to detect it using the traditional snoopy leak detection. We confirmed the finding using vibration analysis. Both bearings are in the early stage of failure so we can plan the repair.

Zeon Chemicals

Within 60 minutes I had ... personally located 23 pinhole sized leaks located at the field weld points. Since that time I have had an opportunity to utilize other manufacturers ultrasonic detectors but I have not come across one as simple and as accurate to use as CTRL's.

SPX Cooling

Our manufacturing clients can now experience energy savings unachievable with other tools currently in the market. Along with energy savings, the opportunity to utilize these tools for predictive maintenance will allow our clients to experience a higher level of equipment performance not available until now.

Advanced Energy Dynamic

Sensor Synergy’s power and air pressure monitor combined with the CTRL UL101 Leak Detector has been very useful in finding ways to significantly reduce spending on electricity for our compressed air system...We have already realized over 35% savings in electricity for only a small investment in measuring gear, leak repairs, and operational changes.

Best Cutting Dye

Using the UL101, I found the major leak in less than an hour... I was able to check more than 60 or 70 sprinkler heads in one hour. Now I’m a hero, saving the school money and aggravation, due to the high cost and maintenance of our dry sprinkler system.
I checked and our compressor cycles are now 1 Hour 46 minutes compared to 5 minutes before finding the leaks with the UL101 and verifying repairs.

Wheaton Academy Maintenance Department

The UL101 is used heavily by our maintenance staff at this power generation facility. We are able to locate 60 psi hydrogen leaks on the generator, boiler leaks, and leaks in duct work.  We are also able to verify repairs in manifolds on the generator, ensuring that no water and hydrogen leaks were created during repairs. This saves outage time.

Allegheny Power

We created an extremely small, no-audible leak from a servicing O2 bottle and was able to pick up the leak in a relatively noisy environment from across the hangar bay...160 feet away!

MX Aerospace Services, Inc