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Ultrasound Bearing Analysis

40-70% of bearing failures are due to bad lubrication procedures. Does your company have a good method to control lubrication for your bearings?

Precision lubrication is based on using an acoustic ultrasound detector to see if the bearing needs to be lubricated, and how much lubricant it needs to operate as a reliable asset. CTRL uses airborne & structure-borne ultrasound (AB&S) technology to allow users of our UL101 ultrasound listening devices to detect frequencies over the human audition threshold. Friction caused by the bearings, regardless of type, size, speed, or weight, will generate detectable high frequency acoustic energy.

By controlling the lubrication frequencies using the UL101 Troubleshooter and InCTRL platform, you can considerably lower the index of bearing failures in your systems.This type of program can maintain the assets of the plant in optimal operating conditions, and at the same time reduce your operation and maintenance costs. CTRL solutions will increment the availability time of the process and diminish risks to your personnel and plant assets.

Condition Based Monitoring

CTRL uses industry-leading Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) in our mechanical and lubrication solutions. Our definition of Condition Based Monitoring is the process of knowing current operational conditions of various key components of your equipment and indicating when the slightest changes first present themselves to allow time to plan and take corrective action. Our acoustic ultrasound solutions allow you to diagnose machine condition or unexpected problems while in full operation with non-destructive testing (NDT) before catastrophic failure. To learn more about condition based monitoring (CBM), see What is Acoustic Ultrasound CBM?

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