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CTRL Ultrasound Listening Technology

CTRL Acoustic Ultrasound in Petro-Chemical

Implementation of our ultrasound listening technology minimizes the time spent to find leaks and decreases process downtime to achieve efficient and increased production output. This is critical to an industry such as petro-chemical with profitability contingent on efficient operations, and our UL101 devices have the versatility and customization that can help you minimize time spent troubleshooting, all with the support you need. Several petrochemical companies utilize the CTRL UL101 and InCTRL for leak detection and condition-based monitoring systems to keep production running smoothly. Daily leak detection monitoring and routine condition-based monitoring of critical equipment are the primary concerns for process control.

The UL101 Difference

Easy to use

Allow for detection at a high distance when you combine the UL101 with the PowerBeam 300.

Better results

UL101 products are ruggedized for use in caustic environments, including power plants.

Reduce costs

Competitively priced UL101 products let you lower costs by 3-5 times compared to methods like vibration reliability testing.

Simple to learn

Reduce time in training with our modules that teach you to successfully operate the UL101 within an hour to a few days.

Our work with Schlumberger has allowed us to diagnose conditions of solenoids and detect a variety of leaks using the UL101 devices and InCTRL. For more information on our work with Schlumberger, see our success story below and contact us to see how our acoustic ultrasound solutions can work for you.

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