Airbus & Air France approve the use of the CTRL UL101

Ultrasound inspection continues to advance in the aviation industry

CTRL Systems Inc. (WESTMINSTER, Maryland) - CTRL Systems is pleased to announce that Airbus and Air France have now joined others in the aviation industry in approving the CTRL UL101 for use in their respective companies.

Air France notified its maintenance centers worldwide that the UL101 is now an approved device for all centers. They have selected the intrinsically safe model so that it can be used in all environments.

Airbus has approved the UL101 for use in production QC on the new, soon-to-be-delivered 380 class aircraft. This announcement follows last quarter’s approval of the UL101 for use on the 320 class. The selection of the UL101 represents another contribution by ultrasonic NDT inspection, which will help meet the demanding rollout schedule.

Both companies have assigned an internal part number for the UL101 within their Ground Support Facilities. CTRL’s partner, Logisonic, has been and will continue to be the mainline of support to both companies in France.

Last year the UL101 successfully allowed astronauts on the International Space Station to locate a very small leak, which was venting their oxygen supply into space. NASA selected the UL101 for the ISS in 2001 and made it standard equipment on all Shuttles in 2002. “The performance of the UL101 will give Airbus and Air France the same confidence of use that NASA and others in aerospace and aviation have already received,” stated Bob Roche, CEO of CTRL Systems, “ and we are honored to add them to our list of satisfied customers”.

The CTRL UL101 is a handheld non-destructive testing device that utilizes the properties of ultrasound to provide a quick and accurate method for testing the condition of components such as bearing, gears, gas lines, pumps, non-pressurized & pressurized vessels, and more. The UL101 is also part of CTRL‘s complete turnkey system, which is in use by others in the: aerospace, petrochemical, pulp & paper, railroad, automotive, manufacturing, power generation, and US military air, land, and sea operations.

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