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CTRL Systems designs and delivers the
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See our Petro-Chemical Success Story

Our work with Schlumberger has allowed us to diagnose conditions of solenoids and detect a variety of leaks using the UL101 devices and InCTRL. For more information on our work with Schlumberger, see our success story below and contact us to see how our acoustic ultrasound solutions can work for you. Read More

Acoustic Ultrasound in Petro-Chemical

Implementation of our ultrasound listening technology minimizes the time spent to find leaks and decreases process downtime to achieve efficient and increased production output. This is critical to an industry such as petro-chemical with profitability contingent on efficient operations, and our UL101 devices have the versatility and customization that can help you minimize time spent troubleshooting, all with the support you need.

Several petrochemical companies utilize the CTRL UL101 and InCTRL for leak detection and condition-based monitoring systems to keep production running smoothly. Daily leak detection monitoring and routine condition-based monitoring of critical equipment are the primary concerns for process control.

Industry information


CTRL Systems, Inc. has been supplying its ultrasound technology to the US government, defense, and its allies for more than 20 years. As a result of CTRL's dedication to turnkey integration, the UL101 is a standard tool in many mission critical applications on platforms such as F-35, C-130, and F-18.

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