Market for Compressed Air Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Many of our customers bought the UL101 and PowerBeam 300 for leak detection. In fact, according to various customer surveys, 50% of our client base only uses the UL101 ultrasonic detector for compressed air leaks (They should take advantage of other applications as well). 

There are many approaches to compressed air leak detection. We spoke with a customer recently who performed 10 air leak surveys last year at various customer sites throughout the Midwest. They stated that their clients were aware of the problem: not enough compressor capacity, too many leaks. A problem defined is a problem half solved. 

But what do companies want from a leak detection program? This client suggested they simply wanted them to find and tag the leaks. Many customers want the leak detector to quantify the leak in order to estimate savings or prioritize repairs (note: ultrasound cannot quantify cfm loss). We have found that the most successful clients are the ones that are invested - time and money - to a healthy compressed air system, but not every organization has time and money.

What does your organization want?

  1. Ultrasonic Leak Detector
  2. Flag and Tag Service (repairs add-on)
  3. Power and flow monitoring / measurements
  4. Turn-Key supply/demand optimization for a completely healthy system

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Benjamin Fried