UL101 and UT2000 Used For Quality Control of Freight Cars

The UL101 Ultrasound Detector is used together with the UT2000 Universal Transmitter to test freight cars for leaks during manufacturing and quality control.  Each rail car, some are as long as 80 feet (25 m), is tested. The UT2000 is turned on and placed inside each compartment of the freight car. The UL101 Receiver is used to scan gaskets, hatch covers, and more for leaks. If a leak is detected, repairs are completed and confirmed using the same process. 

It is important that all leaks are quickly discovered and repaired. The freight cars carry grain, rice, sugar, fracking sand, cement and much more. It is imperative that the product does not get wet during transport. Prior to using the UL101, each car was inspected visually. A person used a flashlight from the inside of the car. Another person looked for the escaping light. This process took a long time and was not always accurate. Using the UL101 saves a lot of time and has been 100% accurate for leak checking.

Benjamin Fried