UL101 Finds Leaks in Nitrogen System

A client posted the following after purchasing the UL101 and PowerBeam:

I used the UL101 in our plant in South Carolina. This was the first time any kind of leak detection was done in the plant that was built in 2006.

One of the first leaks I found was a crack in a NPT to compression connector. These are used on our nitrogen system in the production area, and there are probably close to 100 of these connection used. We found a slight crack with the UL101 in the casting on the NPT side. When tightened onto the tapered threads of the NPT, it opens up to be very visible. But the leak was never heard over the noise in the production room. I found a total of 6 of these cracked fittings. Later on, I set the connector up to compressed air and a flow meter. At a 110 psi it was leaking 11 CFM, a very significant leak.
These connectors probably got cracked from over tightening during instillation in 2006. 
The other major leak I found, was on a 1 inch pipe where it was threaded into a coupling. (The thread was cracked) This was also a nitrogen line used as a main trunk across the building. And also installed in 2006.  I first spotted it, (heard it) using the Power Beam. It was laying on the buildings purlin about 12 feet above the floor. I knew the pipes were up there, (2, one inch pipes, one for air and one for nitrogen)  but you could not see them from the floor. I heard it with the Power Beam, and later used a man lift to get up there to determine exactly where the leak was.  
We will now check all new piping projects when completed, rather than letting them leak for years.

Benjamin Fried