UL101 and SoundCTRL Used For Diagnosing Aircraft Engines

In response to the release of InCTRL Mobile, we received the following information from a long-time user of the UL101: The UL101 is a complete tool now. I used it so very well with SoundCTRL for diagnosing aircraft engines in the engine test bed in a leading aircraft manufacturing government organization. 

Engine diagnosis is another example of using the UL101 in the aviation industry. CTRL Systems, Inc. has worked with many different aviation organizations (both commercial and government) for the integration of the UL101 from production quality control to support/aftercare of the aircraft. 

A few examples of using the UL101 for aircraft include:

  • Bleed Air System Leak Detection
  • Valves for Internal By-Pass Hydraulic Leaks
  • Cockpit Pressure and Fuselage Testing
  • Vacuum Bag Leak Detection
  • Fuel Tank Leak Detection
  • Pitot Static System Leak Detection
  • Many more including Oxygen lines, actuators, spark plugs, exhaust system, etc. 
Benjamin Fried