Major Indian Oil Refinery Saves $28,000 USD In Just 1 Department

A major public sector refinery in India implements a compressed air leak & Nitrogen detection survey using CTRL UL101 Ultrasound Technology in recognition of its green initiatives and energy savings program.

An air balance study indicated that there were several leakages in the air distribution system of this oil refinery. Apart from this; due to air leakage, desired air pressure was not maintained in the unit battery limits. As a result, hampering in the process was occurring intermittently. Low air pressure due to leakage can trip the process units, which has a large impact on different units. 

Most of the air leaks were not visible or audible and could only be detected with the UL101 Ultrasound Detector. Further, it required that the UL101 technologies be used by technicians having the expertise and understanding to archive the savings on a sustained basis.


•    The compressed air leak survey over two surveys in one year in one department helped the refinery to reduce their loss from 508.00 Nm3/hr to 239.86 Nm3/hr.
•    The Refinery consists of 20 Units/Dept, The leak detection survey carried out for both Plant air and Instrument air for just one department.
•    The monetary value savings due to reduction in leaks is approximately $28,000 USD / Year.
•    This was then extended to the other 20 departments also, and is an ongoing exercise.
•   Even though the refinery has two CTRL UL101 devices, annual service and monitoring is still provided for measurements to success.



Benjamin Fried