Paper Mill Reduces Energy Usage By More Than 4.5 Million kWh in First Stage

A major paper mill in the United States contracted CTRL Systems, Inc. for a turn-key compressed air energy savings program. CTRL performed an assessment of the compressed air system, which identified 19 compressors totaling 4,500 hp. The assessment determined several opportunities for savings beginning with Ultrasound Leak Detection & Repair as the first stage of the project.

CTRL installed permanent 24/7 monitoring on each compressor, which measures in 1-2 second intervals. A baseline for energy usage during normal production was identified. The staff was trained on the UL101 and energy savings (as well as the UL101's use for condition based monitoring). More than 250 leaks were found and repaired. The monitoring provided the new baseline for energy usage. The baselines were compared before and after, and showed that the repairing leaks saved 20% in energy waste alone

The paper mill continues to use the monitoring to sustain the initial energy savings and to consider other operational changes to the compressed air system. They were also awarded a substantial incentive check from their energy provider. 

Benjamin Fried