UL101 + PowerBeam Helps Reduce Power Transmission Failure Costs by 75%

A major power transmission company in South America has several crews using UL101s and PowerBeams every day to monitor all medium and high voltage overhead power lines and substations. The program began by focusing the technology to locate material degradation and indeterminate failures, which represented 45%  of total failures in the distribution system. Within the first year of using the UL101s and PowerBeams, more than 200 points of potential failure were discovered. These points were previously undiscovered using traditional visual and thermography techniques. 

Training and integration of the technology were just the beginning of the  program's success. A workflow process was established to repair all indications of potential failure. The results were measured in terms of comparison of catastrophic failure, money spent for repairs of catastrophic vs preventive, and revenue lost due to catastrophic failure. By factoring in the measured results, the total effect was a 75% reduction in overall maintenance costs.

Benjamin Fried