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Leak Detection Solutions and Procedures

Leak Detection Solutions and Procedures

Compressed Air and Gas Leak Detection Procedure

  1. Attach headset to UL101 sensor
  2. Ensure that the switch on the left is set to headphones
  3. Set the switch on the right to half gain
  4. Turn on the sensor using the gain knob while wearing the headset
  5. Turn up the gain until you hear static noise
  6. Back the gain off until there is no noise in the headset (typically 1 or less)
  7. Move through the targeted area using a consistent pattern (like a Z pattern)

Focus on areas where leaks are most likely:

  • Couplings
  • Hoses
  • Tubes
  • Fittings
  • Threaded pipe joints
  • Quick disconnects
  • FRLs (filter, regulator, lubricator combinations)
  • Condensate traps
  • Valves and pressure regulators
  • Flanges
  • Packings
  • Pneumatic holding tanks
  1. Use the Large Concentrator to inspect large areas and for distance
  2. Use the Mini concentrator in smaller areas
  3. Use the Acoustic Tip for close in inspection and isolation of leaks
  4. Clearly mark the leak with a completed Air Leak Tag
  5. InCtrl Basic can be used to record leaks an photographing location.

CTRL Systems

We have designed an easy-to-use device that is more sensitive than any other ultrasound detector in the world. With the UL101 Leak Detector and our conditioned based monitoring technology, you can detect leaks from up to 150 feet away and pinpoint their exact location in mere seconds. The UL101 Leak Detector is not affected by loud industrial environments and can be used in windy conditions. It can be used to locate any type of turbulent compressed gas or vacuum leak. Applications include: compressed air energy swings (reduce compressor usage by 20-30%!), vacuum leak detection, HVAC leak detection, dry sprinkler inspection, steam system inspection, cabin testing, and many more!

Ultrasonic Leak Detector Benefits

Other devices require you to be within 1 to 2 feet, to adjust the frequency, to only use for a particular type of gas, etc. The design of the UL101 is “keep it simple.” CTRL has designed an easy to use device that is more sensitive than any other and fits in the palm of your hands.

With the UL101 Leak Detector, you can easily find leaks in a noisy environment. Acoustic ultrasound has a very impressive range and can detect leaks from as far as 150 feet, depending upon the intensity of the leak, pinpointing the leak to the exact location in seconds. For more information and product specifications, see the related products below.

  • No Calibration – Indicate & locate; no need to measure
  • Best Signal-to-Noise – Less internal white noise than all other detectors
  • Easy To Use – No need to adjust frequency or application settings

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