Welcome to Ultrasound in the Cloud.

This is InCTRL.

Real-time waveform generation. Instantaneous email notifications when components are under-lubricated or failing. Detailed CSV and PDF reporting. FFT spectral analysis. And an intuitive database management solution.

Let InCTRL be the cornerstone of your ultrasound reliability program.


Cloud-Based Software as a service (Saas); real-time email notifications

InCTRL is a cloud-based database management solution for ultrasound reliability, and that means that your data is always available. Anytime. Anywhere. No more being tied to the one desktop with the software already installed. InCTRL can be easily accessed from any tablet or computer. And with instant email notifications, your entire team can be in the loop when an asset triggers a negative health assessment. 

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InCTRL Mobile Makes Data Collection Simple.

Your routes. On your phone.

Simply download the InCTRL Mobile app from the Google Play store, plug your ultrasound listening device (ULD) into your Android smart phone, log in, and you're ready to go. Once your database is set up online, the InCTRL Mobile app will automatically populate with your test points. Condition-based ultrasound reliability (CBM) is as simple as a twenty second sample and hitting save. Your data is wirelessly uploaded to InCTRL and flagged assets are added to your action items. You can even set up instant email notifications for management or as a personal reminder. 

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INCTRL Connectivity Means You Have no Limits.

Not a UL101 user? Obviously, we would like to change that. After all, we have the highest signal-to-noise ratio and the best sound quality of any ultrasound listening device (ULD) on the market. (And we can prove it!) But we understand that you may have already invested in expensive ultrasound hardware from another provider. InCTRL Connectivity offers the same features and accessibility for any non-CTRL manufactured ULD your facility may already own. Ask us how to get started.