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Electrical Systems Solutions

Safety is the first line of defense.

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Insulator affected by corrosion formed by atmosphere ionization. Corona results in power loss, noise, electrical magnetic interference, and more.

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Overloaded circuits get overheated. Damage is caused to the circuit breaker and the connection to the bus.

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When there is a partial electrical breakdown along the surface of an electrical insulating material, conductive paths form across the insulator surface. This is typically caused when the insulator is exposed to high-voltage stress or contamination.

Ultrasound Electrical Systems Solutions

Airborne and structured-based (A&SB) ultrasound can be used to detect various electrical faults; including corona discharge, tracking, and arcing. The PowerBeam 300 parabolic accessory allows the technician to locate sources of ultrasound with pinpoint accuracy from distances up to 300 feet away. Additionally, the InCTRL platform and InCTRL mobile app can be used to record samples, store testing history, and communicate faults through a management chain. InCTRL's FFT spectral analysis feature can be used to diagnose recorded samples for electrical failures.

Power Transmission and Distribution

The UL101 Electrical Inspector and PowerBeam 300 are used together to inspect medium and high voltage power lines, switchgear, and transformers. Inspection focuses the detection of corona, which is a symptom of two types of failures including material degradation and indeterminant by other technologies. The UL101 Electrical Inspector is very affordable and very effective in all types of environments for these tasks.


"India's Certified R&D Institute has certified the functional aspects of CTRL UL101 [Electrical Inspector] with the PowerBeam 300 for detection of corona discharge from 400 kV single suspension insulator string consisting of 1 x 25 Nos. of 120 kN B/s discs with arcing horn and corona control ring and 245 kV single suspension insulator string consisting of 1 x 14 Nos. of 120 kN B/s discs with arcing horn and corona control ring. Readings were taken by the UL101 and PowerBeam 300 from 50, 100, and 150 feet respectively."


This method of detection during day time is added advantage over other methods like infrared imaging

The PowerBeam 300 is very effective from 66 KV to 440KV Electrical system for finding out the faults with following applications.

 Broken Strands

Loose Hardware

Improper Installations

Damaged or Punctured Insulator


Safety is the first line of defense. Scan cabinets & MMCs with panels closed. Use the CTRL UL101 Electrical Inspector together with a airborne attachment.

CTRL Systems Inc
CTRL Systems Inc


“The implementation of the technique of ultrasound propagated in air and in structures, has allowed troubleshoot previously hidden from visual and thermographic inspections.”

“This program has helped to center the maintenance of overhead and underground medium voltage (34,500, 13,200 and 11,400 V), complemented by the technique of thermography.”

“The ultrasound technique is also used to evaluate the quality of new works in networks, and allows a better management and ex-post inspection of each job held in underground and overhead networks.”

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