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CTRL Systems Start with NASA

CTRL Systems Start with NASA

CTRL Systems

CTRL Systems has worked closely with NASA for over 20 years. Several sensors have been sent to the ISS and utilized by the astronauts to find numerous events that would have been a concern for the station’s operations and safety. NASA had been aware of the use of ultrasound detection for sometime, but unfortunately no device held up against their rigorous standards. In 2001 NASA was introduced to CTRL Systems. NASA was amazed that CTRL could engineer and build a new sensor in time for their flight, just 6 months after the initial meeting.

 “Based on the review panel’s observations, which were made at our joint meeting in February, we are confident that the UL101 will meet our mission needs based upon its performance (noise-to-signal ratio), its size, its ease of operation – as noted by the astronauts, and its price-to-performance ratio.” 

George Studor, NASA Johnson Space Center 

 The engineers designed an acoustic ultrasound device that withstood the testing and lived up to the expectations and standards NASA places on all equipment they send on missions. Both organizations take pride that this quick response allowed new technology to be sent to the ISS to be beneficial to its mission.

Continued Collaboration

CTRL has supplied NASA for over 20 years with top of the line acoustic ultrasound. The CTRL UL1-1 is now on the official manifest of the flight STS-104 (7A) Air leaks can be catastrophic aboard space stations. Using the UL101 Acoustic Ultrasonic Leak Detector is an easy to use device that allows astronauts to locate small leaks before failure. NASA continues to utilize the UL101 aboard their space stations. This device is small and cordless, which allows for easy storage in tight spaces. To learn more about how CTRL can work with your company contact an ultrasound specialist. 

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