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CTRL Systems Leak Detection Solutions

CTRL Systems Leak Detection Solutions

An article on wsaw-tv.com highlights a sulfuric acid leak at Mosinee Mill, caused by equipment failure and led to internal release. This leak resulted in the loss of 90 gallons of sulfuric acid. The company cleaned up the spill using soda ash and moved on from the incident. Finding a leak in such big equipment would take away time from production. Also, it would require the technician to be knowledgeable about all the equipment.
Some use common leak detectors to find the general area of the leak, while using other methods to pinpoint the exact location. Use the CTRL UL101 to identify leaks and pinpoint their exact location quickly and without scheduled downtime. This device has many different attachments for different needs. A large concentrator can pinpoint the general area and the small concentrator can pinpoint the exact location of the leak. With the UL101 you can eliminate the need for other methods of leak detection.

CTRL Systems

CTRL helped one corrugated plant reduce catastrophic failure to 0% using the UL101 products along with InCTRL. We turned the plant into a top 5 producer within its industry.  With our solutions you can detect air leaks while the plant remains in operation, implement proper lubrication, and even monitor for early signs of gearbox and bearing failure.

For over 25 years, CTRL Systems has helped organizations understand, integrate, and rely on condition-based maintenance technology to make informed, critical business decisions. Our products are easy to use and cost effective. The CTRL UL101 Leak Detector converts the ultrasound (40 kHz +/- 1 kHz) down into the audible range and outputs to a headset. All other frequencies are filtered, so that even the smallest air/gas, vacuum, or refrigerant leak can be detected and pinpointed in a noisy plant environment. Our technology finds leaks faster and more accurately. Contact an expert now to find out how we can assist you. 

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