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CTRL Systems Beginnings and Growth

CTRL Systems Beginnings and Growth

The Beginnings

Robert (Bob) Roche started CTRL Systems, Inc. in June of 1989. CTRL began by delivering computer maintenance management software, CMMS. Not long after starting the business, Bob was introduced to acoustic ultrasound technology. CTRL marketed the novel technology to their existing customer base. This made them aware of its benefits to their unique needs. He realized the potential of ultrasound and changed the direction of his company. In 1994 CTRL acquired full rights to the ultrasound technology and product they had been marketing for the previous 3 years.


Bob recognized the need to update the technology to keep up with the ever-changing times. Dr. Vladimir Herman, an acoustic ultrasound expert and designer, joined CTRL in 1998. He used his experience and contributions to the industry for over 30 years. Vladimir made major improvements to the quality, sensitivity, and signal-to-noise ratio of the CTRL products.

In Feb 2001 CTRL had its first meeting with engineers and astronauts at NASA. The results of that meeting were a process to see if it would meet space-hardened requirements. NASA launched the UL101 into space on the Atlantis Shuttle Flight STS-104 in Jul 2001 as part of the U.S. Air Lock Mission. Within six months, CTRL UL101 passed through the vetting process and went on a mission to the ISS.

The product has since been tested and integrated by all branches of the military, industrial, academic, and aerospace industries. In August of 2001, the product’s name was officially changed to CTRL UL101.

Bob continues to push for the advancement of CTRL ultrasound technology. CTRL was the first to develop Data Capture & Analysis on a handheld PDA. This was a result of a request from the U.S. military to learn and share application data with others. Data Capture allowed senior technicians to discuss and review the data with new technicians. Analysis moved from the PDA systems to smartphones. This ultimately led CTRL to be the first to develop an ultrasound cloud-based data management system, InCTRL. InCTRL benefits larger corporations by providing instant analysis and notifications for critical asset management.

The new capability and functionality of ultrasound continues to be an on-going effort through the integration and development of products and analysis for specific applications.

Bob’s Vision

“That all organizations can have the confidence to rely upon ultrasound condition based monitoring as an integral technology for key decisions and results in reliability, quality control and long term sustainment of equipment life cycle. CTRL will continue to develop and support these solutions to help its customers meet their objectives.”

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