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Compressed Air Leak Detection

Compressed Air Leak Detection

CTRL Systems

For over 25 years CTRL Systems has worked closely with the oil and gas industries. Our priority is to help these industries identify cost saving opportunities. Our customers have used the UL101 Leak Detector to monitor all facets of machinery. Including detachable joints, like flange couplings and threads, to permanent welded seams.


A major public sector refinery in India implements a compressed air leak & Nitrogen detection survey using CTRL UL101 Ultrasound Technology in recognition of its green initiatives and energy savings program. Other applications for our technology in the oil and gas industries include refineries, natural gas well pads, hydrogen storage tanks, and gas turbine power plants. The CTRL UL101 can be used for a wide variety of tasks, saving the user time and money. 

In the Field

The CTRL UL101 has many applications within the oil and gas industry. Recently, there have been several pipelines that have leaked and cost companies thousands of dollars in downtime and repairs. Consistent use of our Acoustic Ultrasound Kits allows you to monitor the condition of the pipelines and detect faults early. 

“We were waiting for a Pig to come down the pipeline. The line was about 6 – 8″ in diameter. Just for fun we held the UL101 tip to the pipe where it surfaced and we could hear the Pig approaching. We estimated the Pig to be several thousand yards out. About half an hour later we listened again and couldn’t hear anything. We determined that the Pig had been hung up and was not moving. The UL101 let us know when the pig was moving and when it wasn’t.”

“Our facilities have been successful in using the UL101to diagnose the condition of solenoids on our service vehicle transmissions, in finding various types of leaks – including small leaks after weld projects, locating washed out valves on manifolds, identifying problems with PTO drives, and more.” Schlumberger. 

Who We Are

For over 25 years, CTRL Systems has helped organizations understand, integrate, and rely on condition-based maintenance technology to make informed, critical business decisions. Our products are easy to use and cost effective. The CTRL UL101 Leak Detector converts the ultrasound (40 kHz +/- 1 kHz) down into the audible range and outputs to a headset. All other frequencies are filtered, so that even the smallest air/gas, vacuum, or refrigerant leak can be detected and pinpointed in a noisy plant environment. Our technology finds leaks faster and more accurately. Contact an expert now to find out how we can assist you. 

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