About Us

CTRL Systems designs and delivers the
best ultrasound detectors in the world, but
we’re more than just an innovative tool
manufacturer. We are the ultrasound
experts, and we want to help your team
build and sustain a world-class ultrasound
program, specific to your organization’s

Our Approach

Our mission is to help organizations understand, integrate, and rely upon condition-based maintenance technology to make informed, critical business decisions.

In order to accomplish our mission, we take a multi-tiered approach toward integration of ultrasound condition based maintenance. 

We would like our customers to consider the benefits of ultrasound for their organization, regardless of the size. Ultrasound is not just for the maintenance team, but other departments can take advantage including: quality control, safety, engineering, and reliability. Ultrasound is so versatile that we find our customers overwhelmed with the number of potential applications (leak detection, mechanical systems, vacuum leak detection, electrical faults…just to name a few). 


As a result, we work with our clients to identify their needs according to their budget and man-power. 

Product and Training

Single-Site Approach – Local plants have maintenance, reliability, and operations teams. We will help you select a team who could benefit the most from using ultrasound on a regular basis as a tool to quickly improve your asset availability and reduce operations costs.

Typical Order Options:

  • UL101 Basic Kit for Leak Detection, which includes our InCTRL Basic Software for Site Surveys
  • UL101 CBM Kit for multiple applications, which includes a subscription to InCTRL CBM Software for tending & analysis
  • Training
    • Free Cloud Based Training (at your own pace)
    • 1-1/2 Day On-Site Training (up to 10 team members)
    • Certified Level I & II Training (on-site, remote, or at a designated location)


First Step



Second Step



First Step


Contracted Integration Program

Multi-Site Approach – Many manufacturing organizations have tool cribs filled with great technology that is collecting dust. Despite a myriad of excuses, failure to capitalize is most often the result of a lack of a strategic implementation plan and the ability to execute it. CTRL does this for you.

We build customized programs:

  • Energy Savings Program
  • Condition Based Maintenance Program
  • Electrical Inspection Program

Our experts work with your corporate teams to develop the programs through pilot sites, and then standardize the successful aspects throughout the rest of the organization. 

Built to Order

CTRL designs and manufactures ultrasound sensors that can be integrated as a hand-held detector or embedded into other configurations for automation. Our sensor technology has the highest quality and best sensitivity of any device on the market. As a result, we often get asked to consider applications where other ultrasound detectors failed.

  • Drones
  • Mounted / Wireless Sensors – (Patent awards and pending)
  • Customized Algorithms