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CTRL Systems designs and delivers the
best ultrasound detectors in the world, but
we’re more than just an innovative tool
manufacturer. We are the ultrasound
experts, and we want to help your team
build and sustain a world-class ultrasound
program, specific to your organization’s

Acoustic Ultrasound Solutions for Your Industry

Acoustic Ultrasound Solutions for Your Industry

CTRL Systems

For over 25 years CTRL Systems has worked closely with the pulp and paper industries. Our priority is to help these industries identify cost saving opportunities. With the CTRL UL101 we assisted a paper mill in reducing 20%of their energy usage, equaling $145,000 in savings. Return on investment is typical within the first use of CTRL’s technology. 


There are several applications within the pulp and paper industry that CTRL has directly worked with. Compressed air leaks are common, but can be identified quickly with our UL101 Basic Kit. Other applications include pumps/motors, corrugated rolls, steam systems, and finishing equipment. Using CTRL technology has an estimated $150,000 savings per asset. We continue to work closely with our customers to measure and sustain the savings for years to come. 

In the Field

The corrugated industry has found ways to maximize production, minimize downtime, and reduce energy waste through compressed air and steam leak detection. We helped one corrugated plant reduce catastrophic failure to 0% using UL101 products and InCTRL, turning the plant into a top 5 producer within its industry. Our solutions can help you to quickly detect air leaks while the plant is in operation, implement proper lubrication, and monitor for early signs of gearbox and bearing failures. Another team diagnosed an impending failure in an obsolete gearbox early and avoided catastrophic failure. The manufacturer lead time for re-building the gearbox was 22 weeks. Because the re-build commenced very early in the failure cycle, the facility experienced no overall production loss. 

Who we are

For over 25 years, CTRL Systems has helped organizations understand, integrate, and rely on condition-based maintenance technology to make informed, critical business decisions. Our products are easy to use and cost effective. The CTRL UL101 Leak Detector converts the ultrasound (40 kHz +/- 1 kHz) down into the audible range and outputs to a headset. All other frequencies are filtered, so that even the smallest air/gas, vacuum, or refrigerant leak can be detected and pinpointed in a noisy plant environment. Our technology finds leaks faster and more accurately. Contact an expert now to find out how we can assist you. 

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