About Us

CTRL Systems designs and delivers the
best ultrasound detectors in the world, but
we’re more than just an innovative tool
manufacturer. We are the ultrasound
experts, and we want to help your team
build and sustain a world-class ultrasound
program, specific to your organization’s


The difference between CTRL and the typical CBM product provider is the fact that we work with our customers after sales and training to ensure the continued use and success of ultrasound.

Our Vision

That every organization has the confidence to rely upon ultrasound condition based monitoring as an integral technology for key decisions in reliability and quality control.

Our Mission

To help organizations understand, integrate, and rely upon condition-based maintenance technology to make informed, critical business decisions.

CTRL Systems Inc

Bob Roche, Founder

Robert (Bob) Roche started the company CTRL Systems in June of 1989. CTRL began by delivering software maintenance CMMS, computer maintenance software. Not long after starting the business, Bob was introduced to acoustic ultrasound technology. His company marketed the technology to their existing customer base, making them aware of its benefits to their unique needs. He quickly realized the potential of ultrasound technology and changed the direction of his company. In 1994 CTRL acquired full rights to the ultrasound technology and product they had been marketing for the previous 3 years.

Our innovative sound solutions are the result of the relationships we develop with clients to address specific applicational needs.

Bob recognized the need to update the technology to keep up with the ever-changing times. Dr. Vladimir Herman, an acoustic ultrasound expert and designer, joined CTRL in 1998. Using his experience and contributions to the industry for over 30 years, Vladimir made major improvements to the quality, sensitivity, and signal-to-noise ratio of the CTRL products.

Bob's Vision

“That all organizations can have the confidence to rely upon ultrasound condition based monitoring as an integral technology for key decisions and results in reliability, quality control and long term sustainment of equipment life cycle. CTRL will continue to develop and support these solutions to help its customers meet their objectives.”


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Our Technology

There are 3 main producers of ultrasound including mechanical, electrical, and leaks pressure, vacuum. So, you can imagine the number of applications for which there is potential use of the technology. However, we work with our partners and clients to identify the applications that are critical or can have the most impact on the bottom line.

Our Clients

We work with our clients to measure and sustain savings for years to come.

Multi-Tier Integration Approach

Our approach to helping organizations understand, integrate, and rely upon ultrasound depends upon the commitment of our clients. In many cases, we are working with local plants who have a particular need or directive to improve their maintenance program. So, we provide product and training options that best fit their needs and budget.

We also work with larger organizations in a contracted integration program. Step 1 is to establish one or more pilot sites to establish baselines and standards. The pilot site or sites can begin with compressed air/steam energy savings. They expand to using the technology for condition based maintenance and reliability in year 2. Also in year 2, we help the organization proliferate the standards established in the pilot sites’ energy savings program and focus on sustainability of ROI.

A third way we help companies is through innovative solutions. There have been several unique problems that have been brought to our attention for which we helped clients resolve. For example, CTRL designed a space hardened detector for NASA, which is currently being used on the International Space Station (learn more). We continue to work with our clients and identify new, or unique approaches to integration of ultrasound technology. Some of those innovations are or will soon be available as commercial off-the-shelf solutions for the benefit of others.

Built to Order

Our approach to innovation typically begins with beta-testing using our current sensors. After a period of time, we have enough data and experience from a singular application to develop new algorithms that can be embedded into our software or firmware, build new sensors, or develop new ways to monitor and communicate in real-time.

We can talk about your specific needs with an NDA in place if you would like to partner with us for an innovative solution.