CTRL Systems, Inc.

UL101 Ultrasound Detector

UL101 Ultrasound Detector

CTRL Systems, Inc. designs ultrasound technology and implementation programs for energy savings and predictive maintenance. CTRL's programs are supported by comprehensive training, analysis software, data capture, and ultrasound sensors. 

CTRL Systems, Inc. is dedicated to helping companies quickly integrate advanced ultrasound technologies to enhance efficiency and cost effectiveness within an organization's manufacturing facilities. The CTRL Condition Based Monitoring Programs (CBM) are implemented through a turnkey process for production reliability, quality control, and energy savings.

Ultrasonic Condition Based Monitoring

Ultrasonic Testing

In this economy, we are challenged to do more with less.

More production, less maintenance; more programs, less manpower. 

If you could diagnose machine problems before catastrophic failure, you could minimize and even eliminate production downtime by scheduling repairs during shutdown. Planning around production saves time and money.

Reducing operations costs also means reducing energy consumption. Organizations are challenged to dedicate themselves to energy saving opportunities while staying focused on production.

CTRL combines its quality ultrasonic products and software analysis systems into programs designed specifically for your organization's needs. This turnkey approach helps integrate new technology faster for a quicker return on investment while providing measurable success, communication of results and benefits throughout, and experienced manpower
when necessary.

CTRL Systems, Inc.

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