Petrochemical Solutions

CTRL Commercial Solutions: Petrochemical

Several petrochemical companies utilize various ultrasound technologies such as the CTRL leak detection and condition based monitoring systems such as InCTRL to keep production running smoothly. Daily leak detection monitoring and routine condition based monitoring of critical equipment are the primary concerns for process control.

Implementation of the technology minimizes the time spent find leaks and decreases process downtime for efficient and increased production output. This is critical to an industry whose profitability is closely tied to efficient operations.

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Just a short list of organizations and their practices are listed.

Daikin - Process control for better efficiency and production.

Eastman Chemical - Systems monitoring.

Zeon Chemical - More effective monitoring than traditional methods.

Dupont - InCTRL implementation for critical equipment.

Dow Chemical - Verification of new installations of pipeline.

SABIC Jubail Petro-Chem - Leak detection and diagnosing critical valves.


In most all cases, the petrochemical industry requires the intrinsically safe UL101.

Leak Detection for pressure and vacuum systems.

Condition Based Monitoring helps replacing traditional methods with effective ultrasound technology & verification of complimentary technologies.

Diagnosing Critical Valves for by-pass leaks and/or mechanical malfunctioning.