Commercial solutions for industrial manufacturing and infrastructure

CTRL Commercial Solutions

CTRL was founded to provide solutions to the challenges of maintenance and production including, training, increased production, higher quality products, and energy savings.

CTRL combines its quality ultrasonic products and software analysis systems into programs designed specifically for your organization's needs. This turnkey approach helps integrate technology faster for a quicker return on investment. In addition, our solutions incorporate training, support, and documentation of procedures for its continual success.

Why Should You Consider CTRL Solutions?

Many industries indicate they will lose a high percentage of their maintenance and operations knowledge base to retirement and promotion in the next 5 to 10 years.

Many organizations do not have a sufficient workforce devoted to improve production and quality.

Many corporations are not aware of or have not implemented the latest maintenance technologies.

What Is The CTRL Solution?

First: Product Integration

InCTRL - an integrated solution that incorporates CTRL products into a web-based application providing user access to data and reports from any location.

SoundCTRL - PDA and software suite for easy one-step ultrasonic inspection and data collection.

UL101 - a handheld ultrasonic non-destructive testing sensor for condition based monitoring of critical equipment, pressure & vacuum leak detection, and detection of electrical arcing & corona discharge.

PowerBeam 300 - parabolic dish attachment for extending the range of sensitivity of the UL101 up to 300 feet.

Second: Program Development

Whether you are a single location or a worldwide, multi-location organization, CTRL Systems helps you implement and integrate ultrasonic maintenance technology through a reliability-centered approach into your current maintenance and operation practices. CTRL designs programs to help your organization achieve fast integration with quicker return on investment and proper utilization of your current resources.

The Result: A Turnkey Solution Ready For Implementation