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Technology Advancement

It is a sustained commitment to R&D that enables CTRL to continuously give life to a new generation of ultrasonic diagnostic systems with the sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio that are unequaled.

The R&D Team continues to meet the market demands for improved technology. CTRL's UL101 handheld diagnostic system has been upgraded several times to become the best ultrasonic sensor on the market. New prototypes will advance the technology forward; far exceeding the capabilities of today's sensors and redefining the future of ultrasonic conditioned based monitoring.

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Research & Development at CTRL

R&D Projects - Current Interests & Innovations

Partnership Opportunities - CTRL Systems is continually exploring partnerships with other companies interested in technology advancement and the development of new products and solutions. CTRL works with several entities, both commercial and governmental for distribution, integration, and value-added services.

Patent Pending Applications - An Inside Look