SoundCTRL 2.0

Instant Ultrasound Data Capture & Analysis

SoundCTRL (pronounced "sound control") provides audio/visual feedback for troubleshooting and determining the condition of mechanical components. Make maintenance decisions with confidence and empirical data.

Maintainers record ultrasonic readings from the UL101 and upload to a desktop or to the InCTRL system for trending, reporting and analysis. Test results are immediately available for troubleshooting and determining if maintenance attention is required.

Management is instantly notified from InCTRL when data is uploaded wirelessly and equipment exceeds set thresholds. Instant access to the data is helpful to make quick, informed decisions.

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Key Features

- bearings, gears, pumps, valves, cylinders - displays ultrasound waveform from plant floor
- calculates amplitude of signal using root mean square
- indicates events and anomalies in waveform - access data via Internet, 24/7
- wirelessly upload results to InCTRL
- instant bearing health assessment
- instant threshold conditions & test point status - create test point lists to conveniently organize and streamline data capture
- maintain location, equipment id, and test point settings

*Wireless features require an InCTRL subscription and a wireless Internet connection. Detailed Specifications

SoundCTRL Kit Options

000010 - Desktop + PDA Software License + PDA

000011 - Desktop + PDA Software License

000020 - SoundCTRL + UL101 Full Kit Standard

000021 - SoundCTRL + UL101 Full Kit Intrinsically Safe