Ultrasound Lubrication Testing
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Earliest warnings for lubrication & failure


Record on smartphone, upload to cloud, get immediate feedback

Historical Trends

Monitor and report on trends using the InCTRL cloud app

"One of our corporate client's locations reduced their catastrophic failure to zero through the first 6 years of using the UL101 Ultrasound Detector together with InCTRL."
InCTRL Mobile - free from Google play store

InCTRL Mobile - free from Google play store

Introducing the Cloud

Low Initial Costs
Download the InCTRL mobile app for free. 
InCTRL is subscription based. There are no license fees.

Data Management
You own the data. CTRL manages all of your data. Remove your IT involvement, and reduce your hardware costs.

Painless Upgrades
No software to install, no database to configure, no IT support; access InCTRL through your web browser http://inctrl.ctrlsys.com 

Secure Access
Your data security is our top priority. Only you can access your data by securely logging in, which requires an SSL-enabled browser for all access. 


Introducing InCTRL

InCTRL is used for condition based monitoring to record and analyze the output from the UL101. The recordings are uploaded from you phone using wifi or cellular service to the cloud to establish thresholds and for future comparisons of the test point. Once a baseline or benchmark signal of a component is recorded, future recordings may be compared in order to determine the wear or proper lubrication of the component over time. If there are anomalies as indicated by the "EPS" (Events Per Second) calculation or the "RMS" (average amplitude) value has climbed beyond the threshold, the test point will be indicated as flagged. An email will be automatically sent to all the identified personnel to address the problem in order to prevent catastrophic failure.

InCTRL Plans


Reliability Pro


InCTRL Features

Access ultrasound test data from the Internet

Wireless Uploads
Upload ultrasound samples wirelessly from your smart phone

Flags & Sends Email Alerts
Flags and sends alerts when amplitude exceeds set threshold

Bearing Health Assessments
Responses include: under lubricated, normal, suspect, questionable

Stack & Overlay Ultrasound Waveforms
Detect early signs of equipment wear

Trend Ultrasound Data
Plot root mean square calculations overtime

Create reports for cost justification, meetings and long-term planning

Multiple Location Deployment
Corporate-wide implementation

Share Data
Share data with other departments or with multiple plants around the world

Max # of Test Points




Set the RMS threshold level; get an email alert when RMS rises too high

Bearing Health Assessment
InCTRL indicates if bearing is "normal", "under lubricated", "suspect", or "questionable"

FFT for Electrical Inspection
Harmonics, RMS, & EPS help indicate mechanical looseness, corona, or arcing

Instantly see, hear, monitor & diagnose
Bearings, Gears, Pumps, Valves, & Cylinders

Comparison Analysis
Compare ultrasound readings of similar equipment.

Baseline Analysis
Set a baseline and trend the ultrasound readings over time, looking for changes

Max # of Users



Access your data from the cloud. Get e-mail alerts when a test point is flagged.


InCTRL is the first step in predictive maintenance that results in reduced production downtime