CTRL Energy Savings Program (CTRL-ESP)

CTRL-ESP is a turn-key approach to identify ways to reduce energy waste in a manufacturing facility's compressed air system.

This program provides all you need to assess, locate, monitor, calculate, and confirm energy saving opportunities.

Sustain energy savings through continuous monitoring, automated data collection, leak detection, & reporting.

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How It Works

The monitoring system measures the total air leakage in your compressed air system and triggers as-needed surveys. When an air survey is required, technicians will use the UL101 ultrasound detector to locate the leaks and verify repairs. Measurements from kWh and CFM determine costs savings.

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Key Features

Continuous Energy Monitoring - 24/7 automated data logging with real-time measurement of power and pressure usage

Calculates Energy Usage - automatically calculates kWh, energy costs and capacity of leaks in CFM

Fast & Easy Implementation - installs & fully operational in less than 1 hour

Pre-Installed Software - immediate results once hardware is installed to the compressor power

Ultrasound Leak Detector - includes the CTRL UL101 for leak detection and the ability to expand to other benefits

Dynamic Reporting - measure results from leak audits & repairs, identify usage patterns, indicate condition changes, etc.

Reduce Man-Power - get notified when leak audit is required: condition based vs. time based modifications

CTRL-ESP Specifications

CTRL-ESP Implementation

Step 1 - Start saving now by reducing energy costs

- 1 1/2 Days On-Site Setup, Installation, & Training

- Staff trained to find, tag, & confirm repairs

- System captures current costs & leak capacity (dollars & CFM)

- System continously monitors to sustain goals

- Results are compared; new targets are set

Step 2 - Expand the system:
- Deploy Ultrasound Condition Based Monitoring for critical equipment using InCTRL.
- Track new opportunities for energy savings.