UL101 Ultrasound Technology Video Demonstrations

The following samples demonstrate ultrasonic inspection with the CTRL UL101 receiver. To view these files, RealOne media player* is required.



Audible vs. Ultrasound html

MECHANICAL SYSTEMS - UL101 with Solid Probe

Normal Bearings html
Defective Bearings html
Finding Bad Solenoids & Valves html
High Speed Compressor Valves html
Internal Hydraulic Leak html

PRESSURE & VACUUM SYSTEMS - UL101 with Acoustic Probe

Air Brake Leak html
Pneumatic Leak html

NON-PRESSURIZED SYSTEMS - UL101 with UT2000 Ultrasound Transmitter

Airplane Cabin Pressure Testing html

SPECIAL HIGHLIGHT - Vacuum Leak Detection on the International Space Station

Locating a Leak WMP
Pinpointing a Leak WMP
Verifying the Repair WMP

*Flash - required to view each video on the html pages.
*WMP - Windows Media Player Required