UL101 + SoundCTRL + InCTRL

The CTRL UL101 Ultrasound Detector is used together with the SoundCTRL Software Program for data acquisition and real-time analysis.

SoundCTRL recognizes the ultrasonic signals received by the CTRL UL101 and provides immediate display and analysis of sound characteristics to help determine the condition of the component under test.

Upload the data to the SoundCTRL desktop software for comparison or to InCTRL, a unique web-based application for data management, reporting, and in-depth analysis.

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Audio/SoundCTRL Samples

The following samples demonstrate ultrasonic inspection with the CTRL UL101 receiver. To view these files, Flash is required.

Dry Bearing (Before Lubrication) flash (210k)
The Same Bearing (After Proper Lubrication) flash (163k)

Normal Bearing flash (159k)
Under-lubricated Bearing flash (198k)
Damaged Bearing flash (177k)

Compressor Valves flash (598k)
Energy Savings flash (1,537k)
Gas Leak (Large Size) flash (390k)