CTRL Systems, Inc. is a solutions provider. Our innovative ultrasound programs improve quality control, reduce downtime, save man-hours, and minimize safety risks.


Why Ultrasound Is A Solution

Ultrasound is produced by friction, impact, turbulence, and electrical discharge. The CTRL UL101 detects and converts ultrasound into the audible range for listening, analysis, trending, and setting thresholds.

Ultrasound detectors designed with the right technology and software can be used for leak detection, condition based monitoring, and predictive maintenance. Organizations such as NASA select CTRL ultrasound technology for the following reasons:

  • Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Value

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Compressed Air Energy Savings

CTRL’s Compressed Air Energy Savings Program (ESP) is a customized
turn-key program that integrates ultrasound technology with real-time power monitoring. The savings generated through leak detection are accurate. There is no guess-work.

Each manufacturing facility that has integrated the CTRL ESP has achieved a minimum of 20% energy savings. Continuous monitoring provides accurate, measurable, sustainable results. 

CTRL will work with your organization to assess the opportunity and achieve the results. The ESP is eligible for utility energy savings incentives when available.

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Ultrasound Condition Based Monitoring
& Technology Integration

CTRL Systems, Inc. is dedicated to helping companies quickly integrate advanced ultrasound technologies to enhance efficiency and cost effectiveness within an organization's manufacturing facilities.

The CTRL Condition Based Monitoring Programs (CBM) are implemented through a turn-key process for production reliability, quality control, and energy savings.

In this economy, we are challenged to do more with less. More production, less maintenance; more programs, less manpower. 

If you could diagnose machine problems before catastrophic failure, you could minimize and even eliminate production downtime by scheduling repairs during shutdown. Planning around production saves time and money.

This turn-key approach helps integrate new technology faster for a quicker return on investment while providing measurable success, communication of results and benefits throughout, and experienced manpower when necessary.

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Military & Government

CTRL technology is being provided to military and other government organizations to meet the critical needs of readiness, improved man-hours, and evaluation of critical systems.

The performance and quality of CTRL's products have been tested and proven by NASA and each branch of the military. CTRL continues to deliver the UL101 and training to both domestic and foreign allies.

  • Wheel & Track Program - CTRL awarded Gold Medal For Quality Performance by Defense Supply Center for contracts to army
  • Aviation - Authorization and roll out to nearly all platforms in Air Force, Air Guard, and NAVAIR
  • Marine - More than 100 applications were identified in use for surface and subsurface vessels


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