UL101 Full Kit With Solid Probes Testing Solenoid Valves Demo

Critical Valve Diagnostics

Valves are a critical component to facilities, production, vehicles, ships, and more. They can be expensive to monitor and maintain. Further, valve failure causes loss product, production, and huge capital expenses for repairs.

Ultrasound is a quick, effective method for testing valves. Ultrasound is used to determine operation, mechanical and electrical conditions, and indicate by-pass leaks.

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Ultrasound Critical Valve Diagnostics Advantages

Ultrasound is fast - Contact the housing and listen, much like a stethoscope.

No need for measurement - There is no need to measure, trend or compare. Get an accurate indication of the presence of a leak.

CTRL UL101 Advantages

Performance. The signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity to ultrasound on the UL101 is unsurpassed (up to three times more sensitive than our closest competitors). It hears leaks other devices miss.

No requirement for recalibration. The UL101 is set to go at the factory and never needs to be returned for recalibration.

Battery life. The UL101 uses a standard 9-volt battery that gives 45-50 hours of continuous use which translates into 4-5 months of typical use. There is no forgetting to recharge batteries after every 8-hour shift.

Ease of use. The UL101 requires no decibel or other unnecessary settings that, if incorrect, would make the device less likely to detect the targeted ultrasound. Unnecessary bells and whistles only complicate the usage. With the UL101, turn it on and go. Just adjust the sensitivity to eliminate background noise with a simple volume-like knob.

Application expansion. The same UL101 Receiver is used in the Air Audit Kit as well as the full kit for troubleshooting, predictive maintenance, and all of the other applications suitable for ultrasound. There is no need to purchase multiple devices.

Ability to differentiate background noise from detectable ultrasound. Since the UL101 is an analog device, no "white" noise or background noise is introduced into the device because of digital meters and readouts. The methodology used on the UL101 to bring ultrasound into the human audible range is superior. With the UL101, if there is no ultrasound present you will hear nothing but silence, minimizing false positives.


Pressing the tip of the solid probe (attached to the UL101 receiver) against the valve. The user can easily hear the valve functioning and determine its operating condition.

When it is difficult to reach a steam trap safely, the PowerBeam 300 can be used because of its ability to enhance the distance and narrow the reception of the UL101 Receiver.

Open Valve If the valve is open, you will hear the rushing gas/liquid through the valve.

Closed Valve If the valve is closed, you should hear nothing.

Internal By-Pass Leak If the valve is closed and you hear the hissing/rushing of liquid/gas through the headset, the valve is leaking.