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Integrity Testing

The UL101 Ultrasound Receiver and Universal Transmitter (UT2000) can detect and pinpoint leaks in non-pressurized vessels, cavities, pipes, housings, hoses, rooms, heat exchangers, vehicle and equipment cabs, ship hulls and galleys, airplane cabins, train cars, etc.

By placing the UT2000 in any kind of enclosed space, an equipment or truck cab, you can create ultrasound pressure. Then, you can simply scan the seals and gaskets with the UL101 receiver to detect and pinpoint escaping ultrasound that indicates a leak.

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Ultrasound Leak Detection Advantages

This vessel/cavity testing procedure is much quicker and easier than soap bubble and hydrostatic testing. It will sometimes locate leaks that these procedures cannot locate. If industry standards require soap bubble and/or hydrostatic testing, the user can pretest using the UL101 in scan mode with Universal Transmitter. By pre-testing, the user can eliminate multiple soap bubble or hydrostatic tests.

If the orifice to the container/vessel/cavity is smaller that the transmitter, then you can insert ultrasound by attaching one of the acoustic probes to the transmitter. Sometimes a 3/8-inch OD diameter flexible hose is attached to the one-inch acoustic probe.

The UL101 in scan mode with Universal Transmitter can also augment these procedures to make them even more reliable.

CTRL UL101 & UT2000 Advantages

Performance. The signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity to ultrasound on the UL101 is unsurpassed (up to three times more sensitive than our closest competitors). It hears leaks other devices miss.

No requirement for recalibration. The UL101 and UT2000 are set to go at the factory and never need to be returned for recalibration.

Battery life. The UL101 and UT2000 use standard 9-volt batteries. The UL101 operates for 45-50 hours of continuous use which translates into 4-5 months of typical use. There is no forgetting to recharge batteries after every 8-hour shift. The UT2000 operates for 300 hours continuously.

Ease of use. The UT2000 is operated with a simple switch. Turn it on; place it inside the vessel or inject the ultrasound into the vessel through an open valve.

Signal strength. The UL101 is capable to detect the UT2000 at a distance of 150 feet in open air. When enclosed, the ultrasound easily fills large containers or vessels (ie. fuselage of Airbus A-380 aircraft)

Distinct ultrasound signal. The UT2000 outputs a very distinct ultrasound signal that is clearly heard with the UL101 and headset. There is no need for warbling the sound or changing the pitch.