Energy used to operate a compressor

Energy Savings

High energy costs plague the bottom line requiring companies to take a hard look at how they use energy. Effective energy savings start with identifying waste. Compressed air leaks can have the highest potential for payback.

Where Leaks Occur

Pipe joints, valves, couplings, hoses, tubes, fittings, disconnects, filter regulator lubricators, packings, condensate traps, flanges, and tread sealants

Systems to Monitor

Start with the Compressed Air System. Expand to steam traps, HVAC systems, condensers, vacuum systems, & refrigeration systems.

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Cost of Compressed Air

Energy Savings Presentation Compressed air is used in almost every facility and manufacturing plant. Air is not free. Ultrasound can be used to save $10,000's, even $100,000's annually in energy savings.

According to a U.S. Department of Energy survey, between 10% and 30% of electricity consumed is for compressed air. Most manufacturing facilities use compressed air. A significant amount of energy is lost due to waste and air leaks.

The typical compressed air system uses only 50% of its air supply for production. The rest is wasted or lost to air leaks.

Unattended Leaks

Leaks increase run times and operating costs, decrease efficiency, introduce fluctuating system pressures and unnecessary cycling.

Energy Savings Program

Meet your energy savings goals with CTRL's Energy Savings Program (CTRL-ESP). CTRL combines ultrasound leak detection technology and continuous energy monitoring to help you meet and exceed your energy goals and objectives.

Turn-Key Implementation

The CTRL-ESP is designed to achieve significant savings with little investment in both time and money. This program provides all you need to assess, locate, monitor, calculate, and confirm energy saving opportunities in manufacturing facilities:
  • Continous Energy Monitoring (start with your compressed air system)
  • Measure kWh and Costs
  • Calculate Capacity of Leaks in CFM
  • Measure Total Leakage (pre & post survey)
  • Install Monitoring System Quickly (less than 1 hour)

Program Benefits

  • facility efficiency & reliability
  • reduces operating costs
  • provides real results & a quick return on investment

Calculate The Cost of Your Compressed Air

To calculate the cost of your compressed air, enter the data in the form below. If you have more than one compressor, make sure to add them up separately.

Fully Loaded
bhp Est. Cost $
# of Operating Hours Est. Leaks $
% Time (0 - 1)
% bhp (0 - 1)
Motor Efficiency
Partially Loaded
bhp Est. Cost $
# of Operating Hours Est. Leaks $
% Time (0 - 1)
% bhp (0 - 1)
Motor Efficiency
  Total Est. kWh
Est. Cost $ Full Loaded + Partially Loaded = Total Est. Cost $
  Total Est. Leaks (20%) kWh
Est. Leaks $ Full Loaded + Partially Loaded = Total Est. Leaks (20%) $