PowerBeam 300 Detecting Corona In Transformers And Insulators Demo

Electrical Arcing & Corona Discharge

When electricity escapes in high voltage lines or when it jumps across a gap in an electrical connection, it disturbs the air molecules around it and generates ultrasound. Often this sound will be perceived as a crackling or frying sound

The UL101 and PowerBeam 300 have proved to be very effective for diagnosing corona/arcing during day-time in Power Transmission & Distribution Networks.

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Ultrasound Electrical Arcing & Corona Discharge Detection Advantages

Ultrasound produced but no heat - In most of the cases punctured insulator or coated insulator produces the high intensity ultrasound rather than emitting heat. Thus ultrasound is very effective in these applications to detect corona/arcing over other methods like infrared.

Any voltage - The Power Beam ultrasound detection system is used in low, medium, and high voltage systems. Most of the Power Transmission applications tend to be in medium and high voltage systems. Low voltage can be found near manufacturing facilities.

Multiple applications - Most sub-stations use SF6 gas, Vacuum and compressed air for circuit breakers. The CTRL UL 101 can also be used for leak detection as well because these are the auxiliary of a transmission system and are in the same premises.

Components Tested

Lightning Arrestor


Contaminated Insulator/Transformer

Broken Strands

Loose Hardware

Improper Installations

Damaged or Punctured Insulator

CTRL UL101 Advantages

CTRL designed the PowerBeam 300 for the purpose of detecting corona from high-voltage transmission lines safely.

Safety - The UL101 & PowerBeam 300 are capable to detect corona discharge from 300 feet (100 m) or more.

Accuracy - The PowerBeam narrows the beam of reception to one degree from center. This helps to pinpoint the source within a couple inches.

Siting - The PowerBeam uses both laser (indoors) and "rifle" sites to help determine the exact location of the corona or arcing.

Multi-purpose - The UL101 & PowerBeam are used together for leak detection, steam trap assessment and more when the component under test is inaccessible or far away.